Sunset Limited Train 2 November 21,2003
                                                  Crew 5 
                                 This is a very special trip on a very special train with a very special crew.
                                                        Bob Stone
                                              Bob Stone operations supervisor and his suitcase leaving home.

                                    E. Ramirez and B. Stone
                                                                    Mr. E. Ramirez Dining Car Steward and Bob Stone 

Chef  Ms. C. Aragon  FS1 Mr. C Pinner  FS2 Ms. P.Knight
                                             Kitchen Staff 
                Chef  Ms. C. Aragon         FS1 Mr. C Pinner       FS2 Ms. P.Knight

                                      SA3-Ms.M.Yourgules-  SA1- Ms.A.Wong -  SA2-Ms.C. Bell
                                                                  Service Attendants
                                                   SA3-Ms.M.Yourgules-  SA1- Ms.A.Wong -  SA2-Ms.C. Bell 

                          Mr.Bob Stone     Mr. B. Beebe
                                                             .Bob Stone                         Mr. B. Beebe LSA-Lounge Car

                                             Mr. P.Robinson 0230- Mr.J. Maldonado 0231- Mr.A.Watson 2230
                                                                  Train Attendents Sleeper 
                                               Mr. P.Robinson 0230- Mr.J. Maldonado 0231- Mr.A.Watson 2230

                                          Ms. Y.Anderson 0213-0212Ms. R. Gutierrez  2215
                                                                             Coach Train Attendants
                                                                                    Ms. Y.Anderson 0213-0212                 Ms. R. Gutierrez  2215
                                                    All crew members of  Sunset Limited crew 5 made my last trip very special. 

                                                                                                            Thank You!
                                                                                       I no longer work in a travel position. 
                                                                Car Numbers of Regular Consist.
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