San Diego-El Centro Navy Blue Angels Tour

On March 9th and 10th,2001 my father and I went to El Centro,CA to visit the daughter of my fathers friend who was a former Amtrak Chief OBS.The person we went to visit is in the Navy.The Navy's Blue Angels were scheduled to fly and do there first show of the year.The Blue Angels winter home base is in El Centro,CA.
My father and I could have driven our car but we decided to take The Pacific Surf Liner.Where we live in Southern California the freeways are a mess lots of congestion and traffic.

Our trip started from Los Angeles Union Station we boarded train number 580 it departed on time.We traveled in the Pacific Surf liner Business Class.All passengers in the Business class section were offered a complimentary snack box and beverage it was good.Apple and orange juice was available the entire time so were some selected snacks.

Being on the train with my father is something special because he knows most of the crew members and they all come over and chat with him.They talk about the railroad and tell stories about past trips.We arrived in San Diego ten minutes late.We had to wait for a train to pass near San Diego.The San Diego line is single track hi-speed rail is not yet here! My father and I said good by to the train conductor and went into the station.
The photos below were taken before our departure from San Diego on Saturday March 10,2001.

Here I am sitting by the fountain on the grounds of the San Diego Station.

This station is one of the best in the west!

The San Fe Railroad logo.

This photo was taken inside the station.The station is simply beautiful.

T J border bound the world famous San Diego trolley stops here.



We rented a car,we and spent the night at a hotel.On the way to the hotel there was one big rain storm.I mean big!
We could not see where we were going and almost got lost.We had a quick dinner at a burger joint and off to bed 5:30 AM wake up call. It's always an adventure traveling with my dad.
It's a 111 mile trip over interstate 8 from San Diego to El Centro.As we drove eastwards the rain changed to snow as we got to the higher elevations in the mountains.
My father luckily is behind the snow plow truck.He never has driven in the snow before.

In this weather we were sure the Blue Angels would be canceled!

As we came out of the mountains to the desert we saw this rainbow and the weather cleared up.

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