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The layout is in my home in England.  It's in my attic study where I write from.

The layout is 2ft 6 inches wide and 9 feet long and in "N" scale.  Below is the LINK to the layout plan.
Model Layout Plan
Please direct your mouse pointer over the photos for a special description of each photo.

Dear Friends,
Many of you have asked about them well here they are at last... The First {Very poor I'm afraid} Photos of the layout.  A clearly have a whole new aspect of photography to explore and MANY new skills to master in it.  But these shots give you a vague idea if a rather out of focus one!  True to normal I could not resist including a story with them.

The layout is actually made up of various "Diorama" sets that depict different times and locations.  This Set of pics relates to "Joshua Creek" and is set in the 1880 - 1900 period  The names of the physical elements are called after friends that helped make my vacation so wonderful.  The only names that are "real" are Arizona, Williams City,  And Chicago.  Of course the Railroad name and all the named trains are real as well, though car and locomotive names again relate to friends.

The first three pictures are set in the "Golden Years" of American Railroad travel between 1940 and 1960
The Rodgers Grade with Santa-Fe Streamliner climbing
 In the above shot in the late afternoon a Santa-Fe streamliner roars out of Snelling Tunnel and attacks
the Rodgers Grade. To the left is seen the old Gibbings Canyon route of the Santa-Fe Railroad winding
out of Ernst Tunnel towards Joshua Creek
The Rodgers Grade with  El Tovar  descending into Snelling Tunnel
 The Santa-Fe Grand Canyon Resort Train "The El Tovar" descends Rodgers Grade as the Observation
car rumbles across the Martinez Bridge spanning Boyle Canyon.  In the foreground can be seen the old
Segretti Trestle over the Canyon as it enters Gibbings Canyon.  Note the mysterious caves high on the
walls of Gibbings Canyon, said to be the site of ancient native village and target of a future Archaeological
Dig if permission can be gained from the local tribe.
Worman Junct Super-Chief Held up
Even the mighty Santa-Fe Super-Chief... transport of the Stars .. Premier Train of the West has to wait
occasionally.   The last cars of a late running Eastbound train draw into Worman Junction while the
famous Streamliner waits impatiently at the unscheduled stop.

We  travel back in time to the bad of days of the Wild West and see Joshua Creek in
its hey-day as a gold mining town.
The Gibbings Canyon Flyer crossing Boyle Canyon on the Segretti Trestle
In the above shot  "JJ Pirkl" {named after travelling companions on the "California Zephyr"} Coasts
carefully over the towering Segretti Trestle {Named after a friend in San Diego} bridge spanning the
impressive Boyle Canyon {Named after John Boyle my first friend in America, also from San Diego} as
the engineer leans out the cab making sure all is well.
The Segretti Trestle over Boyle Canyon BW with The Flyer posed for photograph
Here "JJ Pirkl" simmers gently on the Trestle for a formal photograph.  She heads "The Gibbings Canyon
Flyer" which normally serves the Gibbings Canyon {Ted Gibbings, is Johns flat or room mate in San
Diego}area without much ado, save the occasional hold up!  This time however the train has become
something of a "Corps-Celleb" as it brings a troop of "Dancing Girls" for the infamous  "Red Hanky
Saloon" in Joshua Creek.  {Joshua was my Observation car attendant on the Grand Canyon Railway.}
Sheriff Gibbings refused permission for the photograph in Joshua Creek itself so they decided to take it
here just out of town.  Can't see the wily old sheriff being impressed with that,  having the Canyon
named after him has made him a might paternalistic over the area and he already has Wanted Posters up
on his new jail house for "Salsa Rodgers"  {Leanna Rodgers is a dear friend who works on the RMS
Queen Mary in Long Beach Calf. } female leader of the gang who robbed the very first train to use the
new grade out of Snelling Tunnel {Jim Snelling is a friend from Long Beach Calf.}  up towards William's
City and non other than "Bear Boyle" the mountain man who gave his name to the great Boyle Canyon,
Bear Boyle's crimes are, says Sheriff Gibbings too many to list so he most likely will keep a very strict
eye on the new arrivals at the Saloon!   {there is a twist to the story here, Ted Gibbings did in fact have a
Great Grandfather who was a Sheriff in Arizona!}
Joshua Creek The Red Hankey Saloon
It rather looks like the Sheriffs fears were well founded,
quite a crowd has already gathered to "welcome" the girls but the doubly law-man is on the spot already
telling one trouble maker to watch his step... or else!!
Joshua Creek JR Snelling Mining Corp. offices
J.R.Snelling Mining Corperation have big plans for Joshua Creek, having purchased the  Brown's  Gold
mine up on the flanks of Ernst Mountain {Joe Ernst is another dear fiend from Long Beach Calf.}their
offices by the side of the Bakery may be small now... but
soon.... ?
The "Boss, JR Snelling himself is standing out front, dreaming of the day the town is no longer called
after a dried up creek but after himself. But so far the main employment has come from his gaining the
contracts to bore both Ernst Tunnel and the one which he proudly gave his own name to.  The sandy bed
of Joshua Creek can be seen to the left of the photo , water long since vanished to an under-ground
course except in the wet season {About ten years ago!}
Joshua Creek The Flyer is not flying

Something is badly wrong with "The Gibbings Canyon Flyer"
 "JJ Pirkl" has spread the track, a common problem in old West Railroads.  The engineer stands forlornly
looking at his non flying iron horse!
Joshua Creek General view With JR SNelling Mining Office
Here in this general view of Joshua Creek we can see the new steam pump that the town has invested in
to draw water from the underground course of the Creek.  The New girls at the Saloon seem to be still
drawing the crowds while JR Snelling watches from outside his offices having decided that their company
is not for him, prefers the company of his men.

So then this is the Mining Town of Joshua Creek.    Sadly the film ran out before I could photograph
Sheriff Gibbing's new office and jail, and Ernst Mountain.  Next time I'll also try to capture something of
Chicago Union Station for you as well.

"I hope the more serious modellers will forgive the liberties I have taken with, details history and locations and see this as it is intended a fond recreation in miniature of a wonderful Railroad tradition.. If you have any ideas or suggestions and comments please feel free to contact me  I also offer Bed & Breakfast in my Eighteenth Century Cottage on the Whitby Coast of North East England, where you can see the layout in reality."

Peter Model Railroad Tour #2

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