Johnny Knoxville is well know in the area where the Acela runs.
Our paths met on the Southwest Chief back in January 2001.
The Acela photos below are compliments of Johnny Knoxville.
They were taken when the Acela's first train set came into service.
They will forever document the Acela's equipment in mint condition.

Photo taken South Station Boston.

Photo taken South Station Boston.
There are 2 new types of motive power. We have the Acela Express Trainset which has 2 Power Cars
and 6 coaches and we have the HHP-8's (acronym for High Horsepower 8,000)
which couples up with and pulls the Amfleet equipment.  The HHP-8's
(electric loco's used on Acela Regional) are 8,000 HP each.  I believe the
HSR Power Cars are also 8,000HP which would render the Acela Express
Trainset at 16,000HP given that it is operating with both units active.
Johnny Knoxville

Acela cab and controls.

Acela Engine right side.

Click on photo for an unconstrained view.

Four seater.


Acela Engine Air Compressor.

Click on photo for an unconstrained view.

View of the bistro.

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