Our Very Special Guest Book! 

The Guest Book  is now closed since the web master  is longer with the crew.  I hope you enjoying reading the comments as much as I do.
Special Tribute to Crew ten:
Mr. Bob Stone, our hats off to you and your magnificent crew!    As avid Amtrak advocates and consumers, we have had our share of 'rail miles', and we have learned first hand that no other crew gives the service of crew ten.   This is not an opinion, it is a fact.  We have had the extreme good fortune to travel with your crew on four occasions this past year and they are such a well oiled machine!   From the moment one boards, you are made to feel welcome.   Your crew lets everyone know straight away that they are there to serve, as well as make the trip enjoyable, and all one needs to do is ask!   Everyone is so well informed, and willing to help
in any way they can, and it is fun to eavesdrop on the friendly banter the crew members have with one another!
   When Karol T. works her way through the train taking dinner reservations, it is obvious how organized this women is, and you just KNOW service in the dining car is going to be just as organized.   Helen and Steve are a true compliment to the whole dining experience. 
    That brings me to the Chef himself....Rickie Perkins is tops!   He and Steve M. prepare such superb meals.   A feast for the eyes as well as the palate, that can rival ANY fine restaurant.    My husband and I truly enjoy the quiet wit and banter of Randy ("don't make me come and get you") Moore from the lounge....and train attendants Theodore and Nina (star of all those photos!), are so informed and helpful too.....and always with a smile!    Sleeping car attendant, Alvin is great as well, and so interesting to visit with.   It is difficult to put into words how great sleeping car attendant Efren Cuadro is.   He goes about his job so efficiently and discreetly, and adds a whole new meaning to the word pampered.   Suffice it to say, that anyone who is fortunate to have Efren....well, they get the BEST.
     As Chief, you are the cream of the crop!   The travel info and points of interest add so very much to anyones trip....if you do not believe me, just ask anyone who travels the SWC and hasn't even had the "S" curve or the Wooten Ranch pointed out to them!   But even more so than your travelogue, is your crew.   This kind of crew does not and CANNOT happen by accident.   It is the result of hard work, organization, and strong example, as well as expectation.   You do this well.    I understand that as of July 1, 2001, your job with Amtak is changing and crew ten with you at the helm, will be "no more".   I am concerned and saddened by this.   I feel the best tribute any worker can offer is to continue to do their work as if you were there.   You have done an outstanding job as Chief.  You have managed to help nurture this well oiled machine to become the best.   If they always honor you, then we will benefit the fruits of your labor.   Thank you for a job well done. 
May God Bless,   You and all  the member of crew ten are special to us! 
Sincerely,   Kathleen and Roger Slycord
A note from the web master- Mr and Mrs Slycord of Iowa are crew ten's number one supporters.  No passengers know more about our crew than the Slycord's, they are truly VIP's....It's always a pleasure to have them aboard!  Added to the guest book on July 8,2001 at 10:15 PM 
Dear Fellow Amtrak Brothers and Sisters from all crafts: Your web site is very well done. And more importantly the use of a web site in a cyber-ar strategy. The struggle to save your train and the jobs from and for all the Union's represented in making the Chief a  true tool for transcontinental train travel is actually a struggle for all of Amtrak's employees.I am an extra board conductor working the Washington, DC (WAS)to New York, NY (NYP) and Harrisburg, PA (HAR) to Philadelphia, PA (PHL) 
May God Bless 
Michael Added 6/5/01
We took the SWC in January, sleeping car accomidations.   I just want to brag onCrew 8 and 5.   If crew 10 is anything like these guys, which I'm sure you all probably are, you are a compliment to the Company you work for.  There are simply not enough words to express how great this trip was.  We took the SWC in January, sleeping car accomidations.   I just want to brag onCrew 8 and 5.   If crew 10 is anything like these guys, which I'm sure you all probably are, you are a compliment to the Company you work for.  There are simply not enough words to express how great this trip was.
Added 6/5/01 Thanks Fred

I was a passenger on the SWC May 18 & 19. It was the first time I had  traveled by rail and I enjoyed it tremendously. Every member of the crew was knowledgable and very helpful. I boarded the train in Flagstaff Az. and rode all the way to Galesburg Ill. I and several other passengers were truly grateful when a passenger got on board in Alb. N.M. and proceeded to use some very offensive language over his cell phone. One of you crew members ( I'm sorry I didn't take note of his name ) asked the person to be mindful of his language amongst mixed company. From then on the new passenger was very polite and mannerly, we were all very appreciative. I hope I can take another trip on Amtrack soon. Thanks P.B. Added 6/5/01
Since we live in the Kansas City area, almost all of our Amtrak trips (and we make several each year) begin on the Southwest Chief.  It is a great train!  While we have noticed that the schedule (especially east-bound) is not always right on time, we understand that changing the material cars out in DeSoto before you get to Kansas City does take extra time.  We will put up with that, just to keep our train going.  The crews are almost always friendly, helpful and the dining car is really special.  The Chief is a great train.  However, on this most recent trip, when we boarded the Capitol Limited (which we know is the same equipment, just cleaned up and restocked in Chicago), we were disappointed that our bedroom car was the old equipment -- with the 
southwestern (orange/black) colors.  The springs in the seats were pretty well used, and our senior-citizen behinds found them a little uncomfortable for the length of the trip to Washington. (At night, when they became a bed, it was OK -- it was just the daytime sitting that was hard to take.)  Anyhow, we made it, and we loved it, and we'll do it again.  Keep up the good work.  We like to brag about the crews on the Southwest Chief.
Added to our Guest Book 6/5/01.
Comment from the web master.  The superliner I cars like me are getting old.  Every Superliner I car has been in service for at least 20 years!  20 years of service is tens of hundreds of millions of miles.  The Superliner II cars are 15 years younger.  A lot of the superliner cars have been are being refurbished.
Your e-mail brings back a lot of memories.  I remember the first time a saw the superliner equipment.  It was at a railroad day's event in Jacksonville,Fl in  late 1980.  I had no ideal at the time that six months or so latter I would be leaving Jacksonville, FL and moving to Los Angeles to working on the NEW all Superliner Coast Starlight.  Yes, it's hard to believe twenty years has gone by!
We rode your train back from Los Angeles to Ft Madison IA on March 23,24, and 25. I just wanted to commend you on the superior service that we received on that trip. After a not-so-great experience on the trip to Los Angeles, I was a little apprehensive about boarding to come back. You, as a crew, put me at ease right away.> From the moment I boarded with Ms. Smith, I knew that this was going to be a better trip. She was always extremely polite, and even went so far as to give another passenger her seat when the train was packed. She was very attentive and we never had to look far to find her.  As for the dining car, we could not have asked for better staff.  Karol was always good to us and by the end of the trip it felt like Steve and Helen were old friends. No matter how busy they seemed they always had a moment to stop and just see how things were going.  They never passed by without a kind word, not only to us as adults, but also to my children who were accompanying us. Bob...what can I say???  Your group is a model of what train service should be.  Groups like this come about as a result of hard work, but also spring from strong leadership. You are what a leader should be. Thank you again for the marvelous trip home. Next time I travel Amtrak, I will most definately do whatever possible to assure that I am on a train with you and your crew!!! THANK YOU!!!! Robin 5/1/01
Hi...just wanted to let you know that we can see all the hard work you've done on this great site...I'll be back! 
We rode on the Southwest Chief a few months ago from Chicago to San was a WONDERFUL trip, and having our sleeping car room next to the dining car was really, really nice! We especially liked going to the dining car "late" for meals, after most passengers have eaten, so we'll have a table to ourselves. Service everywhere was was a very memorable trip.  If any of your readers have not tried this trip, do so, and be sure to get a "deluxe" sleeping car room, especially if you have a husband or wife to celebrate this trip with! And, if you have a chance, try out the "glow-in-the-dark" drink one creative attendant in the lounge car puts out! Thanks again! John 4/29/01
I will be traveling on the SWC on 01 May from Los Angeles -- did not realize it is the 30th birthday of Amtrak.Years ago I traveled from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and also to Oakland on the trains, but this will be my longest trip. Can anyone suggest appropriate reading material (besides Death Comes For the Archbishop)?  I was hoping for some kind of illustrated guidebook, but seem not to be so fortunate.  Also, does anyone know how I can be assured of a seat near the handicapped facilities? Any help will be appreciated. And thanks for the great site!Joseph 4/22/01
I sent Joseph an e-mail to answer his questions.
What a great site!  I just stumbled upon it tonight!
My nephew ( he's 5 yrs old) and I are taking the SW Chief in June to WMJ and the Grand Canyon.Your site, made me even more excited.I Am going to email my sister, so she can show to my nephew.
Fantastic!  Even had menus!
I've had the privilege of riding almost every long distance line in the country... and none pleases me more than when I'm lucky enough to be with Crew 10 on the good 'ol SWC. Thanks to all for another wonderful journey .. made even better because of the great team spirit you all have achieved on board. Keep up the great work.  Margaret Ann of Flagstaff, AZ 4/13/01.
My husband and I have been train nuts for years, and esp. Amtrak these past twenty years Of all the trains we have traveled, we rate the Southwest Chief among the very best.....and Crew Ten is a shining example of service beyond reproach, an enriching sense of  teamwork, and a delightful sense of humour. Mr. Bob Stone, you are doing something right!   It is a
pleasure to be around a team of professionals whose primary purpose is to not only  do their job, but to do it well, AND give the impression they are glad to be of service. We will always travel SW Chief whenever we can....and always hope that we get Crew Ten. Kathleen and Roger. 4/10/01 Please add: We also enjoyed the service of our car attendant Efren Cuadro.
NEWS- April 2,2001 Coming in the May issue of  Nevada's Washington Watch newsletter, published in Washington, 
D.C., is an article devoted to Amtrak, the need to bring high speed service from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and the re-establishing of cross-country   passenger service in and out of Las Vegas. Crew 10 is featured in the article! 
Bob  President and CEO of the Nevada Broadcasters Association.
Your web site -- -- is wonderful.  It allows us to share the journey with those who stayed behind . . . as well as glimpse a bit of our own trip [even before the pictures we took were developed].  Rich and I have traveled on the Lake Shore Limited and the Silver Meteor, both of which were great experiences.  But "" is the first time any souvenir of our travels made it home before we did!  [We phoned home and told everyone about your site.April 2,2001]   Go directly to my tour: April 2,2001 Mike's Train Trip!3/15/01
Hey you all did a great job on my "98 train ride from Chicago to Flagstaff. 
Great people, great food, felt like a king. My return trip on the Southwest Chief was a bad experience not the fault of the crew or Amtrak! Just took the Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle Febuary 12th. Great trip!!! I plan on taking the Zepher from Chicago to San Fran next winter.
Bill 3/17/01.
i'm a chief on the capitol limited based out of washington dc.Just wanted to say im really impressed by your web site and i may try it myself eventually.Keep up the good work!! 
Brian Chief,OBS
Train 29/30,the Capitol Limited Washington DC 3/17/00
Inspired by your logo "nothing could be finer than dinner in the diner", and by pleasant memories of a wonderful trip on the Southwest Chief a few years ago, I came up with the following which I would like to share with you.
Nothing could be finer than to breakfast in the diner in the morning Nothing could be greater than tomato from your waiter at the dawning While your waiter pours some coffee from the pot The view from the window's awesome And the coffee's piping hot Nothing's more resplendent than the smile from your attendant in the morning They will tidy up your beds while all you little sleepy-heads are yawning And then you'll stroll into the dining car and waiting for you Is breakfast with a wonderful view No, nothing could be finer than to breakfast in the diner in the morning.
Cecilia 3/11/01
Hi Web Master:
Bob,Station agent at La Plata told me about your web site yesterday.It is a great site.I was a bit surprised to see(in the photo of the approach to La Plata)my pick up truck parked by the station.I didn't realize someone was taking my picture rather than the other way around which is usually the case).
Zel Kirksville, MO 3/7/01 Photo of Zel pick up truck at La Plata station.Zel pick up truck.
I rode the Southwest Chief a few times Chicago to Raton.I know how busy you guys can be from the demands of some of the guests.I therefore appreciate greatly the time given to me on my infrequent questions and requests. 
This site proves the quality of the staff that can be found on Amtrak and the need to have the system supported by the public. 
Keep up the good work and smoth riding. 
Walter 3/7/01
I have had the pleasure of taking a couple of train rides from KC to San Diego in the last few months.  I was very impressed with the ride and the service.Sight seeing from the train was awesome. I plan to make several trips on the Chiefs this year.  Keep up the good work.
Added to guestbook 2/28/01
My parents rode your train and said it was the best on Amtrak, and they have
ridden quite a few.  It is  refreshing to see people who have such pride in
what they do.  Keep up the great work and I hope to see you in the not to
distant future!
Erik 16 Aug 2000
Great job putting your website together. Ill be letting my brothers know where to find it so they can check it out. I work train 56 and 55 The Vermonter, Brattleboro to St. Albans, Vermont. We could do something like your website as we have lots of good photo opps. Keep up the good work.

Hoghead (engineer).... 1/6/01
We rode with you from Los Angeles to Albuquerque, and our attendant was a lovely young lady from South Pasadena who will be bidding to come onto the crew.  She was so proud of you and so eager to join you.  It's our hope we see her next time we ride with you to ABQ! 
Happy holidays to all from Virginia and Carl.....11/27/00
your website CREW10  is very impressive!!!
best wishes and  HAPPY HOLIDAYS from  JIM, JOHN, & MARSHA Sylmar,CA...11/26/00
MR. B O B  S T O N E.
SIGNED ..............
Enjoyed the ride from Chicago to Los Angeles during October 11th thru 13th of this year. Sleeping car Attendant and dining car service staff were great. 
Thank you for a great ride. 
of San Francisco 11/13/2000
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