The Coast Starlight Photo Tour
                         By Mike and Rich Passengers

Hi, Bob:
Last year [March of '01], my friend Rich  and I rode the Southwest Chief from Chicago to Barstow, CA.  We met you on board, and because we were so impressed with you and Crew Ten and the Chief, I e-mailed you some photos of  our trip [which are still on your website].

Rich and I rode the Coast Starlight from San Francisco to Seattle  We left San Francisco [Emeryville] on August 16th,2002 arriving in Seattle on the night of the 17th,2002 and took some spectacular photos of that ride.  And I'm happy to report  the trip was nothing less than excellent all around.

Rich and I are are always pleased to share our Amtrak experiences on line at crewten.
Best regards,
Mike Sloan

                        THE COAST STARLIGHT
 Pacific Palor Car -Starlight's logo -- etched in Lucite -- used as a "room divider" in the Parlor Car.  It divides the lounge area [where I was sitting in an overstuffed swivel chair] from the tables where people played board games, and could have light snacks and beverages.
Coast Starlight Logo

"Rich relaxes in one of the Parlor car's comfortable easy chairs.  Those 
two words -- comfortable and easy -- describe the quality of life aboard the 
Rich in Pacific Palor Car

Here's one experience that amazed me:
There is an excellent wine-tasting held aboard the Starlight.
It also includes a variety of crackers and cheeses to be sampled from
a buffet-style bar.  All the passengers had to do was add good companionship
and "mix." 
Wine Tasting

This is one from the dining car going through the Klamath Mountains early in the morning.  You can just about see a menu propped up against the window, and outside is a view of the front of the train and the mists of early morning on the mountainside.
Cascade Mountans
Mount Shasta, in northern California, looks almost ghost-like
in the early morning light.
Mt. Shasta

            This photo makes an excellent wallpaper or background for your desk top
No trip on an Amtrak long-distance train is complete without
sampling the excellent meal service.  Here, breakfast awaits . . . served
on porcelain dishes, complete with metal flatware, linen table cloth, and
fresh-cut flowers.  An all-around elegant experience, proving that
certain great restaurants are on wheels!  Talk about a "movable feast."  :)
Breakfast in the Diner
This is the Klamath Falls, OR, station/stretch break.  We had the chance to 
walk up front, speak with the engineer, and admire the artistry and power of 
the locomotive units.
Engine No.119

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